Bruce Bedford Archive
The Nineties
Feb 12, 1992 (new)
This is Carrol County (HiRes)

04/08/2018:  Keith Simpson:  These are higher resolution pictures because they were taken with a 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 camera instead of 35mm. This makes them suitable for reproduction. Click on the picture to view the raw jpeg, and then download (usually by right clicking mouse) and then you can crop and clean up the image before printing it and framing!

Thumbnail bb2262.jpg Thumbnail bb2263.jpg Thumbnail bb2264.jpg Thumbnail bb2266.jpg Thumbnail bb2267.jpg
Thumbnail bb2270.jpg Thumbnail bb2271.jpg Thumbnail bb2272.jpg Thumbnail bb2273.jpg Thumbnail bb2275.jpg
Thumbnail bb2276.jpg Thumbnail bb2279.jpg Thumbnail bb2280.jpg Thumbnail bb2281.jpg Thumbnail bb2283.jpg
Thumbnail bb2284.jpg Thumbnail bb2285.jpg

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