Bruce Bedford Archive
The Nineties
28 February 90
Sled Dog Races

10/10/2018:  Keith Simpson:  Some issues with light corruption on some negatives, but otherwise an outstanding series typical of Bruce.

Thumbnail bb1791.jpg Thumbnail bb1792.jpg Thumbnail bb1793.jpg Thumbnail bb1794.jpg Thumbnail bb1795.jpg
Thumbnail bb1796.jpg Thumbnail bb1797.jpg Thumbnail bb1798.jpg Thumbnail bb1800.jpg Thumbnail bb1801.jpg
Thumbnail bb1802.jpg Thumbnail bb1803.jpg Thumbnail bb1807.jpg Thumbnail bb1808.jpg Thumbnail bb1809.jpg
Thumbnail bb1810.jpg Thumbnail bb1812.jpg Thumbnail bb1814.jpg Thumbnail bb1816.jpg Thumbnail bb1817.jpg
Thumbnail bb1818.jpg Thumbnail bb1819.jpg Thumbnail bb1820.jpg Thumbnail bb1821.jpg Thumbnail bb1822.jpg
Thumbnail bb1824.jpg Thumbnail bb1825.jpg

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